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Colin D Ellis is an award-winning international speaker, recognised for his ability to inspire audiences with his unique and highly memorable keynotes around leadership, organisational culture and emotional intelligence – all underpinned by his belief that we need to be our best selves in order to produce the best results.  An accomplished author who works with organisations around the world, Colin helps individuals, teams and organisations to build capability that's fit for the future of work. Nothing fires him up like a room full of people expecting another dull powerpoint presentation – the very antithesis of the Colin D Ellis experience! With his contagious enthusiasm, Colin delivers highimpact, humour-laden keynotes that leave audiences wanting more. He's repeatedly asked back to events and organisers appreciate that he goes above and beyond to engage audiences – from social media activity and pre- and post- speech mingling, to chairing panels and running interactive polls. Able to draw on more than 20 years of public and private sector leadership and culture change in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Colin peppers his presentations with anecdotes, statistics and practical insights. He puts the emphasis on people over process, behaviour over bureaucracy, teamwork over tools. Colin is originally from Liverpool in the UK and now lives in Melbourne, Australia, where he is known for his snappy dressing and love of karaoke. 

Author, Speaker, Mentor

Colin D Elis



Business Development Manager, IBL

Shoayb Peerbocus



Senior Project Manager, Alteo Ltd

Kalpana Nepaul


Elise is a passionate technologist who quietly thinks the internet is a bit of a mess and very much in need of improvement. She combines all your favourite buzzwords (Agile, Lean, Design Thinking and their related friends) with her genuine joy of working alongside passionate people to help companies create high performing teams that build delightful, digital products. Elise, hails from Australia, where she has worked as a facilitator, coach, product manager and mentor and now enjoys providing coaching for the Mauritius Commercial Bank. 


Elise Aplin



Construction Project Manager

Anil Singh Rana



Director, Coach

Raveesh Nobeen



Chief Information Officer, DSOgroup IO

Aroun Poligadu